Why was my order declined?

Once your order is ready to ship we complete the order by finalizing the charge to your credit card. In some cases the charge may be declined and there are a few reasons why.  Here are the most common reason why your credit card was declined.

  1. Incorrect billing address
    You must enter the correct billing address for your credit card. If you address does not match your credit card statement billing address your charge will be declined.
  2. Incorrect CVN (CVV2/CVC2)
    If you have entered an incorrect CVN number your order will be declined. Please note that for Visa and Mastercard its the 3 digit code at the back of the card.  If you are using American Express, the code is the 4 digit code in the front of the card.
  3. Incorrect Expiration Date
    If you entered an incorrect month and year, your charge will not be approved.
  4. General Decline
    In some cases if you have a prepaid card your charge be declined due to insufficient funds or possible fraud.

If you experience any of the issues for issue 1-3 you can email us the correct information and we can attempt to retry the charge.  If you do not contact us, your order will just be cancelled and you will have to just re-order online at your own convenience.

I got an email saying my card was declined but why is my card charged?

When you submit your order our system puts a temporary hold on your card.  Once your order is complete and ready to ship when then complete the processing and make an attempt to charge your card. At this time if there is any issues with your credit card it may be declined. Many times the system will decline the final charge but it will still show as a temporary authorization on your credit card.

This temporary charge is just that and will not post as a final charge and will eventually be removed by your bank. In these cases please contact your bank in regards to any temporary charges as we have no control over when they are removed.

When we email you a declined message it is with 100% certainty that your charge was denied and did not go through.

Where is my order?

If you successfully placed an order on our site you will receive an order number on the confirmation page as well as a email confirmation of your order. If you did not receive the order confirmation page, your order was not successful and you may need to try again.

if you did receive an order number, you can check the status by going to the tracking page and entering the proper information to verify the tracking. In addition if you created an account with us, you may also log into your account to view order status and see updated notes about your order.

If you track your order and it shows no movement on tracking for more than 24 hours, please contact us immediately so we can inquire as to why.  At times the delivery service providers like USPS will loose packages in transit and we are not notified.  In these cases please contact customer service and we will be happy to either re-ship your order in the cases that the delivery service has lost your order.

Will I get monthly shipments sent to me?

Absolutely not!  Phenastin does not auto bill, auto ship or have any subscriptions that you need to cancel ever. The only time anything is sent to you from us, is when you place an order for a bottle. Rest assure that you will never be charged for anything other than what you checkout with at our site.

How do I track my order?

Once your order ships you will receive an email with your tracking number.  Please be sure to check your spam box if you did not receive the email as many times the emails are sorted to the spam box. In addition you can log into your account and select your order and view the order details which will also provide you with tracking.

You may also enter your order number and zip code on the tracking page to get the tracking details for your order.

Please note that these are the fastest ways to get your information for yourself in a timely fashion.  If you send an email to customer service, it might take a longer time to get a response for tracking information, so we highly suggest you use these self-service options first.

I have medical problems, can I take Phenastin?

We strongly suggest that if you have any serious medical problems including issues with your heart, kidneys, circulation, depression, diabetes, liver or any other major medical problems that you first consult your doctor before taking phenasting or any other supplement.

Although Phenastin is safe to use, we cannot view your complete medical record nor provide you with medical advice. Thus we strongly ask these users to seek out the advice from their primary healthcare professional first.

Will I get the jitters?

97% of our customers do not experience a jittery or anxious feeling when taking Phenastin.  Please note that everyone’s reaction to Phenastin is can be completely different as all of our bodies are different and may react differently than someone else.  Phenastin does contain caffeine and therefore if you are sensitive to drinking coffee or caffeine you should try a Trial Sample first to test your tolerance before purchasing a bottle.  But in all Phenastin contains as much caffeine as there is in a cup of strong coffee.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Once your order has shipped you will receive a email with a tracking number for your order.  Please use this link to track your package as well as provide a real time estimate of delivery date.  Delivery times vary based on service option you choose and your location.  Below is estimated delivery times based on their service option.

  1. USPS First Class 3 – 8 Business Days*
  2. USPS Priority Mail 2 – 3 Business Days*
  3. USPS Priority Mail Express 2 Business Days*
  4. UPS Ground 2 – 6 Business Days*

* Business Days are considered Monday – Friday excluding holidays.

Will I fail a drug test taking Phenastin?

Phenastin is a completely legal OTC supplement that contains no illicit drugs or banned substances.  If you are being drug tested, Phenastin will not test you positive for any illicit drugs or drugs otherwise.  Please note that if you are a professional athlete, you need to check with your sanctioning organization to find out if any of the ingredients in Phenastin are banned by your specific organization.

Why does it smell like peppermint?

Yes it’s completely normally for Phenastin to have that peppermint smell.  Phenastin contains Mentha Piperita is essentially a powerful extract of peppermint. Phenastin contains a super potent extract that is 1,000 times more potent that the average peppermint tea.  Peppermint has been shown to reduce appetite and improve digestion of fats by increasing bile flow. Also helps in improving gastrointestinal motility which eases common problems such as indigestion and constipation. In addition you get the pleasant smell and taste of peppermint as opposed to a medicinal off smell so common with many products.


When will my order ship?

All orders that are placed on phenastin.com Monday – Friday before 12:00 pm pst are shipped the same day.

If you place your order after 12:00 pm pst on Monday – Thursday your order will ship the next business day.  If you placed your order after 12:00 pm pst on Friday or any time over the weekend your order will ship the following business day which would be Monday (excluding Mondays that have a holiday).

Please note that all orders receive a tracking number upon shipping via email and you will be able to track your package to see when it will be delivered by using this tracking number at the respective shipper website.